I was inspired to invent the Hurphy Durphy after a terrifying experience involving my son Jasper, who was one-year-old at the time. A passenger in our car had accidentally released the seatbelt securing his baby capsule and, not realising this, I drove on a busy freeway at 100 kilometres an hour. As I took an exit, I realised that my son was swinging across the back seat in his unanchored car restraint. Thinking about what could have happened to Jasper if we’d been involved in an accident, or even just stopped suddenly, I began searching baby shops and the internet for a product to stop this from happening again.

I was shocked to find that such a product didn’t exist. Realising that all child restraints with a five-point harness have the potential to become unanchored, I decided to do something about it. I obtained a grant so I could develop a prototype and, after three years of research, development and testing, I had finalised the design. The Hurphy Durphy is now stocked in over 300 stores Australia-wide, and can be ordered quickly and easily online by our international customers.

With car accidents the number one cause of death to children both in Australia and the US, car safety is a very real concern for parents. The Hurphy Durphy will provide you with peace of mind that your child’s capsule or restraint is safe and secure.

Imogen Mirmikidis
Inventor and Managing Director

Perth Graphic Design - Kember Creativekembercreative