The ingenuity of the Hurphy Durphy has seen its inventor, Imogen Mirmikidis, receive a number of commendations and awards, including the following:

Imogen won an Australian competition called ‘Catapult’, run by national radio station Triple J. The competition celebrated young Australians working on exciting new inventions and projects. (To read the related article or listen to a podcast of Imogen's story, click here.)

The Hurphy Durphy received a commendation in the West Australian Design Awards.
Imogen was a Small Business Development Corporation: Innovation to Market Programme honouree.


The Hurphy Durphy was awarded runner up in the inaugural West Australian Consumer Protection Awards for Child Safety.

The Hurphy Durphy was awarded the ICWA Road Safety Award for Safe Vehicles.

The Hurphy Durphy was voted Best Product in the Fifth Semi-Annual Great Down Under Nappy Hunt.








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