The Hurphy Durpy is supported by the following organisations:

Kidsafe AustraliaQueensland Ambulance ServiceRoyal Automotive Club QLD
Royal Automotive Club TAS Royal Automotive Club WALittles Child Restraints NSW
Pearce's Child Restraints NSW Redcross • Various regional and state-based safety associations

And, of course, parents love this Australian invention! Have a read through the testimonials below, and
feel free to send in your own feedback.


I looked all over the place for something to prevent my five-year-old from accidently unbuckling her seven-month-old brother's car seat every time she gets out of her booster seat and could not find anything suitable. The seat belt posts in my car are so close, it's impossible to expect my five-year-old to not hit the button next to her buckle when she gets in and out. I can't tell you how many times I've driven with the car seat unanchored because I had not noticed the seatbelt was unbuckled again. I even resorted to tying the car seatbelt that's supposed to anchor my infant seat closed with twine as a stopgap until I could find something that works.

I found your site on the Internet and ordered since it looked like it would work with my SUV's seat belts. It is wonderful! Fits perfectly, does not obstruct the other seat belts in my Ford Explorer, or prevent the wide base of my baby's Britax car seat from sitting properly on the seat (and much safer than twine). It solves the problem completely. I could not find any way to unlock the belt with the Hurphy Durphy (great name too!) on, so I finally KNOW my five year old won't be able to undo it and my baby is always safely secured. You need to distribute these in stores in the US. It is a lifesaver — literally.

Thank you.

Cindy Newman
Scarsdale, New York USA

I think this is a really fabulous idea and have already had friends ask where to get one, as they want them in their vehicles. They should be a mandatory feature for car seats. This product has one job and it does it extremely well. I like the idea that when my toddler gets a little more inquisitive, he won’t be able to undo his or his brother’s buckle. Top idea, easy to use, value for money. A must for all cars carrying kids.

Amanda Sparks

Thanks for your email. I will be promoting your product to all our mothers group and friends with kids. I think it is a brilliant product! Thanks again for your contact and I wish you all the success in the world.


Thanks for your message and your prompt service. Yes, I did hear about you via the triple j interview — as it happens I heard the piece the morning I was returning to the hospital to be with my wife and our new baby girl Imogen the morning after she was born! The combination of hearing someone with the same name as our daughter (less than 12 hours after her arrival) and hearing of an invention solving a problem I had already identified meant I had to follow it up. Thanks again for organising delivery so quickly and good luck with your venture.


Thanks for the Hurphy Durphy — we just received it. I am very excited to have it.
Good luck with it all. I have no doubt that it will be a fabulous success. It is a marvellous idea. I have passed it on to my mothers group (a number of whom had already faced the problem) and to another class I went to when we were discussing safety.


Thanks for Hurphy Durphys. They arrived safely and fit our car. So, one less thing to worry about! Thanks and I wish you all the best in your business.

Kylie Squires

Your product is fantastic. Safety is a big concern at the moment with Steven being our first child. I read about the Hurphy Durphy in the STM in the Sunday Times. Thank you very much for the fast delivery.


I first heard about the Hurphy Durphy some time ago when you had first launched it. You had a radio interview on 6PR with Graham Maybury. Congratulations on surviving in business so far. I work for a small business and know how important promotion is, and how hard you have to work to get going.

I wish your product had been around when I needed it. While still in his baby seat, my younger toddler would see his older brother undo his seatbelt and copy him. There were many occasions when I would realise that I had been driving around with his seat unsecured! Best wishes with your business.

Myaree, WA

I just wanted to say what a fantastic product and congratulations to the inventor and mum for considering not only the safety of her children but of mine and yours as well. I was so impressed with this product.

One day not so long ago I did find my baby’s car seat unbuckled and I have no idea how long it was like that for — five mins or five days. Since then I regularly check the buckles but I am human and would hate for Murphy's Law to apply to me one day.  

In my honest opinion, the Hurphy Durphy is a must for all car seats. By the way, I must find out where the name came from.

Posted on the Diaper Decisions forum 

I got one of these at my baby shower... have to say, it wasn't the cutest or cuddliest or prettiest gift but it is definitely my favourite! Now I know bub's seat will be safely anchored to the seatbelt when she finally arrives!

Skye Brand

I saw your details in the latest My Child magazine. When I saw it, I HAD to have it! You have no idea (well obviously you do, hence the product) how often our child seat comes undone thanks to careless passengers — it drives me CRAZY!

New South Wales

Congratulations on a magnificent product. Once again a woman following her intuition is changing the world and saving our children!
As a mother of three [children] under four years, I’d like to share something with you on how poignant your product is. My husband Chris is a police officer and went to the Road Safety Forum held at the Burswood yesterday and raved on about how informative it was.

This afternoon, I bought our three-year-old an all-in-one booster seat. On his first journey on his new seat, with the car still idling, he unclicked his seat belt, ready to leave the car. He has seen his older brother do it so many times so thought he could too. Chris turned to me and said, ' is one thing I learnt yesterday at the forum. Order two!'
On Monday I will be going to my local baby store in Morley to get two.

Thanks again for following a dream! Here is a saying for you: 'A possibility was born the day you were born and it will live as long as you live.' Marcus Solero

Daniela Sammells
Western Australia


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