The Hurphy Durphy is easy to use.

Made from neoprene and plastic, the Hurphy Durphy is suited to both front release and top opening seat belt buckles. Once fitted, it can be removed easily by adults but is virtually impossible for children to unfasten, due to the use of heavy duty Velcro®. This also removes the risk of accidental release.

With its simple yet effective design, the Hurphy Durphy can be used in vehicles the world over. This includes American vehicles fitted with the LATCH safety system, which has child weight capacity limitations.

The Hurphy Durphy is installed in three simple steps:

Open device, place over ‘female’ end of seat belt
buckle and fold flap down.
2 Feed the ‘male’ end of the seat belt through the device’s slot. Ensure the belt has engaged with the buckle by applying adequate pressure until a click is heard. Then tug the belt to ensure it is locked in position.
3 Wrap the Velcro® hook and loop over both sides of the device. To remove the seat belt, simply reverse these directions.

Removal of the Hurphy Durphy is not necessary in an emergency as the child can simply be taken from their capsule or infant seat. It is recommended that the Hurphy Durphy is always maintained in its secure position.

This device is not to be used for any purpose or in any manner contrary to the instructions.

This product is designed as a protective device and is to be used only when a passenger car seat belt is anchoring a capsule or infant seat. Do not use when seat belt is not being used to anchor capsule or infant seat. Only to be used on a booster chair when the chair has separate harness and buckle. Do not use for any purpose or manner contrary to these instructions. In use, ensure seat belt buckle is always locked.

* Note that pending design review information contained in this Warning may be updated to reflect legal specifications. The right to update this Warning is reserved.

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